Page Objects: Reducing Test Flakiness with Gondola Studio

Page Objects allow your team to adapt to changes in applications easily and safely. When combined with ILocators your tests can satisfy the “write once, run anywhere” mantra. With Gondola Studio and Page Objects application changes only require a minor adjustment, not a stressful event. … Read More

Behavior Driven Development

Behavior Driven Development with Gondola

A common problem is the lack of clear communication between business and technical teams. While a stakeholder might better understand a use scenario, they may not be able to implement it in code. A programmer can write the code, but might not be sure where to start. A solution to this is Behavior Driver Development (BDD). By thinking in terms of use scenarios instead of test, business teams can have a greater hand in writing test, and technical teams will have a better outline when implementing them. The development is driven by the behavior associated with using the application. … Read More