• Gondola Features

    Less coding. More testing.
    Explore the features that make Gondola a perfect fit for enterprise testing.

Cross Platform Testing

Write tests once, execute them on any devices (real, virtual and cloud-based), browsers and operating systems.

Gondola Studio

An intuitive IDE to design, automate and execute tests

Gondola Test Designer

Gondola Test Designer's spreadsheet interface gives you the ability to write powerful test without coding.

Gondola Mobile TestBuilder

Mobile TestBuilder's point and click interface allows you to easily create tests on iOS and Android devices.

Test Execution Dialog

Gondola Studio’s new Test Execution Dialog provides an easy-to-use interface for configuring and running your test.

Out-of-the-Box Keyword Library

With Gondola's built-in keywords, you can write tests using prebuilt keywords in sequential order without a lot boiler plate code. Keyword-Driven Testing is ideal for more technical testers in your cross-functional Agile team.

Continuous Testing Made Easy

Compatible with Famous Tools